New funding and new students

Andrea Vincent obtained funding in February 2019 from Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) for two new projects, one on the impacts of fertilization on brown food webs, in collaboration with Dr. Paul Hanson and Dr. Alcides Sánchez, both UCR experts in tropical microarthropods and nematodes, respectively. Students Ana Paulina Morales and Geovanna Rojas will be doing their undergraduate thesis on this topic. The second project is in collaboration with Dr. Gerardo Avalos (UCR) on the impacts of fertilization on palm allometry and on seedling growth. Students Juan Carlos Trejos and Jose Murillo will be working on this project.

Fieldwork with IMSA students

In January 2018 Silvia Alvarez conducted research at EARTH on the effects of fertilization on understory plant foliar nutrient concentrations, with students from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.


Great Session on nutrient limitation at ATBC 2015, Honolulu

Check it out at Kaspari’s page for a summary HERE


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